Macros 101 eCourse w/ Nicole Darabi

Ready to make a change? Click below to begin your journey. Remember, it’s you vs you! And with this eCourse, you get Nicole Darabi as your virtual coach, teaching and motivating you each step of the way. All new eCourse students also get exclusive access to our private Macros 101 Facebook Group.

Hi! I’m Nicole Darabi and welcome to my brand new eCourse all about Macros!

What in the hell are macros, why should I educate myself about them and how do I apply it to my daily life in a sustainable way?

As a blogger and nutrition coach with my own adapted food prep techniques & bulk cooking recipes, my approach to macros is easily digestible.  I include real life explanations and videos about macros that you can watch as many times as wish.

This is more than avoiding cleanses, detoxes and quick fixes!! This is a lifestyle change that is sustainable for the long haul.  I cover nutrition principles that you can use for the rest of your life taking the mystery out of macros. You will see my favorite apps and learn how to use them. You’ll accompany me to the grocery store and we’ll break down product labels. Once you understand macros, you’ll understand that foods are no longer “good” or “bad”, any food can be included based on proportion & personal challenges! (I struggle with Hashimotos diesease so I understand unique limitations!)

No more heavy restrictions, no more eating the same six things because you are fearful of sabatoging your progress by expanding your palette. Find your food freedom by understanding macros and portion size to feed your individual body everything it needs.